Friday, May 1, 2009

Daniel Fight Preparation

Daniel Mashamaite from South Africa is currently busy training for his coming fight on ROYAL CUP OF KEDAH 2009 which will be held at KULIM 8 & 9 May. Beside training, Daniel like to stay in his hostel and enjoy his mp3 music and also his PS2 games(he can just spend 2 hours selecting and trying out ps2 games in the store!!)

Daniel in training
-Daniel is training resistant for punching power.-he do more than 100 leg curl to fortified his leg muscles
-Shadow boxing

Daniel in Coaching

-Although Daniel is a fighter and come to train in our gym, but sometimes he do help coaching since those members in gym like him much. They like to see how he train, listen how he talk and if they are lucky, sometimes they will be coach by Daniel if he is in good mod and finish his training early. He is really a patient teacher, if u keep doing wrong he will teach until you do it right. "Do it perfect don do it with power or speed before you master that move. Even a jab!" this is what Daniel always said.
-Daniel is teaching this 8 years old boy to execute leg kick while moving.

-The only big problem for Daniel to teach this boy is what Daniel said cannot be understand by the boy since he is a Japanese.

-"This is how your jab gotta be!" Daniel showing Bishop(nickname) how to perform a good jab.

-Daniel showing Yus how to perform a hook while evading. Seem like Yus is having a hard time to master this move but luckily finally he got it.

Lucky Beginners

-Those beginners are very lucky to have Daniel teaching them basic Muay Thai stance and punch.

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