Saturday, May 23, 2009

Georges St-Pierre MMA Lesson

Join UFC champion and MMA fighter Georges St. Pierre, as he walks you through his personal fight-conditioning program and move breakdowns in volume one of this two part series. Special guest and training partner David Loiseau.

Vol. 1

Stand-up & Striking
Jab counter 1
Jab counter 2
Spinning Back Kick
Spinning Back Fist
Spinning Back Fist/Kick Counter 1
Spinning Back Fist/Kick Counter 2
Striking Combos
Fence Ankle Pick
Takedown & Takedown Defense
Arm Drag to Single
Inside Trip/Hook
Inside Leg Pick
Knee Pick
Fence Takedown

Fighter Conditioning Training Circuit #1: Chest & BackCircuit
#2: LegsCircuit
#3: Abs & BackCircuit
#: Shoulders and ArmsFighter Sprint Program

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