Thursday, April 30, 2009

Super 8 Contender Asia Malaysian Qualifier Fights

tengku shahrizal vs kudin


alif vs tengku sharizal

Faizal vs Khoo

Faizal vs Wes

Faizal vs Alif

-Tengku Sharizal which is from PDRM(Royal Force Of Police) is the champion of Super 4 qualifier in International KL Superfight 2008.

-Hashim is the 1st runner up of Super 4 qualifier in International KL Superfight 2008. He left Boxxwarrior team in early September 2008 due to family issue.

-Alif is the black horse of this super 8 qualifier. Many people don expect he can go that far and become 1st runner up since people watch his fight with Barbod in November Kelantan TM WMC super fight which organized by BOXXEVENT(lose knockout unconsciousness. But after that he join Boxxwarrior GYM and he was transform into a good fighter.

-Faizal A.K.A golden elbow is one of Malaysian Tigers ACE. He is good at making cut in his opponent head with his elbow. Many good Malaysian Fighters such as Khoo, Abbas and this time Wes become victim of his vicious elbow.

-Khoo A.K.A the red dragon is eldest fighter in this event. This dude have lion heart and never give up attitute. He is also 1st runner up in Ultimate Warrior 2007.(Champion won by Bernard Radin who is also currently Malaysian Tigers founder and captain)

-Wes Jaya is originally born in Malaysia but live in Canada. He is known as secret fighter of boxxwarrior by other fighters before the fight. But it seem that the real secret weapon is Alif.

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