Monday, June 30, 2008

Interview With Chaowalit

Yik=Blogger, Chao=Chaowalit, Adam=Adam
In the car...
Yik : How old r u?
Chao : 25 this year.
Adam : U married?
Chao : Yes, i have a 1year old baby and i miss my baby much.
Yik : I see, so r u going to let ur kid involve in this sport too?
Chao : She is a girl.
Yik : Many boxers talk about MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) with me, do u know what is MMA?
Chao : Of course, its the combat sports that can attack ur opponent on ground and choke
Opponent out. I like to learn and study MMA.
Yik : Hmm, so r u going to fight in MMA fight in future?
Chao : No way, i am tall but i am thin, people will choke me out like this(showing how he get
choke out)
Yik : Haha, u r a funny guy. So wat's ur plan for future?
Chao : Well, i plan to fight for a few more years, then after i retire i will enjoy my life with my
Yik : That cool, see when i go Bangkok again i will drop by ur gym.
(Its more like chat than an interview, and we do having probleums to communicate with each other but i still can barely understand what he is saying)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fight Of The Month(May)

Sorry for stop blogging for 1 weeks, i was a bit busy.
This fight video took place at Kulim 10 May(if i not wrong)
Khoo Meng Yang(red dragon) vs Abbas Ahmedi

After watch this fight u got to pay much respect for Khoo, he is a really tough dude. Although the time Abbas fight him Abbas is not in good condition, but Abbas failed to finish the fight. Khoo survife 5 round of onslaugh. Lots of leg kicks, and punches to the face!but still......he stand!

Little Biodata of Khoo: he is35now but his heart is full with passion. He just won Malaysia Freestyle Kickboxing Champion Belt at 14/6/08. He will fight in Muay Thai Superfight this comming July 5th. He is no doubt one of the strongest guy in Malaysia.

p/s: The time i spar Abbas i hurt my ribs and it took me 1 month to recover(Knee strike).

Fight Of The Month(May)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Muay Thai Events!

Battle Of The Champions
Date : 27 & 28 June 2008
Vanue : CRC HALL, Kulim
Ticket Price: RM3 to RM15 (cheapest fight ticket in world?)
Comment : Event organize by Boxxevent, This event will feathering lots of champions from Thailand, Europe, Russia and Malaysia. Main event will be tittle fight Abbas VS Oleg. Rice rise petrol rise everything rise but only boxxevent ticket never rise!

International Muay Thai Super Fights
Date : 5 July 2008
Vanue : Stadium Malawati , Shah Alam
Ticket Price: RM30-RM250 (Pain Garantee)
Comment : Probably the biggest Muay Thai event in Malaysia history, lots of promotion that u can see it or hear it in media. This event will feathering female fighters fight! For those who like to watch chicks or cats fight this ticket price will worth it! Also, Abbas will fight with Zedof in this event!
P/S: Its was a great honor that the organizer gave me 1 VVIP ticket.My seat will be at north ring side! haha, its nice for me to shout for my 2 pal who will fight that night!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008

Kimbo Slice

Today i would like to intro u the MMA fighter who came from bare knuckle street fight background. Here he is----Kimbo Slice!

Friday, June 6, 2008


At 4 June 2008,i bring our gym teenagers for a picnic. Here is some photoes i would like to share with u guys.
<-----Who is this Hulk?

Also, There will be a Muay Thai Big Event in North Malaysia,Kulim,Kedah. Here is the Poster. Tickets available now from RM3 to Rm15, Cheapest ticket ever!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Back To Work!!!

I just came back from Thailand, and it took me long journey to travel for 4 days. Even now i am still very tire. Will be back with more videos and news.Stay tune!