Sunday, August 31, 2008


Ismail Inai seri Bagong beat Kholid Saripan

Super 4 semi-final :
Abbas (boxx) beat Khoo Meng Yang (Malaysia) - points (4 round)
Ahmed Saadi (tunisia) beat Olivier Rodigier (Belgium) - points

Hashim m-150(kelantan) beat Firdaus Hashim (kedah) - ko
Chaowalit (boxx) vs Bretta Ashley (Australia) - points

Super 4 final:
Ahmed Saadi (tunisia) beat Abbas (boxx) - points

Ali Yaakob (boxx) beat Timothy Dean - ko (round 1)

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Sorry for the late posting, i been too busy this 2 weeks since our gym members taking part in submission and kickboxing match recently. By the way, below is the results of TM-Kedah international MT FIGHT2008 in south Malaysia 29-30/August 2008. Will keep u guys update with videos and photoes soon.
1- mohd fauzan (boxx) beat Bow Sulaiman (ko 4th round)
2- Tarmiza Inai Sri Bagong beat Hazri Yusof (ko 1st round)
3- Dekwan Koaklai beat Oleg Fillipov (points)
4- Hashim Ramli (boxx) beat Yiddeen M-150 (ko 2nd round)
5- Saksit Chosipaksert (thailand) beat Jose "Pitu" Sans (points)
6- Bedu (boxx) beat Quintana (ko 4th round)
7- Berneung Sakhomsin (thailand) beat Fakarut (ko 3rd round)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Andre Galvao

Andre Galvao Is Wandelei Silva BJJ trainner. He is one of the best grapler in the world. U can get this video frm

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


No need me to say again, Khoo The Red Dragon is famous in malaysia fight arena with his never give up spirit,KO power in right hand and toughness.This time he take on the challenge with a Thai fighter who currently live in Malaysia. Che Pol(Thai guy)defeated Abbas in one of the Muay Thai event organized by BOXXEVENT December2007 by points.

Watch this video u will see this fight is a good fight(not a boring one).Both of them trade thier fist,kicks,knee and elbow intensively. Khoo tried to throw some elbows(up to down)but it seem like Che Pol neutralized them all with good cliches. At round 3 it almost turn into a MMA fight(clinch and takedowns). Khoo have great improovement in Muay Thai fight(at least he not making lots of JUDO throw again while clinching).At 3.30in the video u can see how Che Pol make good clinch and takedown.At round 5 Che Pol starting to taunt at Khoo when he realise that he is going to win the game.

Look foward to see Khoo fight again in 29/8/08 in Alor Setar(hope i will be able to be there).

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Chaowalit.....his first impression for me is..this guy is hella tall!If u see my interview with him in previous treat (July)u will know a bit about him.I do meet with him at 2/8/08 before i take off.will update u guys with photoes soon(i forgot where i place my USB cable :P). Enjoy this video!

p/s to BOXXTOMOI: I take off early that night because i need to catch my plane.We will meet again soon.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

IRSHAAD SAYED (South Africa) VS BEDU (Thailand/ Boxxwarrior)

Bedu, one of the Thai boxer who currently train and live in Boxxwarrior Gym, get knock out in this fight. Bedu seem can't hold up Irshaad onslaugh heavy speed punches. It seem that Bedu always having probleums versus boxer with good punchers. He lose the fight to Daniel(South Africa) once(Daniel is a good puncher too), but regain his honor by knocking out first round via clinch+knee to Daniel's head at 29/6/2008 in KULIM, MALAYSIA.
By the way,Bedu din stick to his game plan and strategy in this fight.He is fighting in IRSHAAD way. He lose while trading punchers with Irshaad.Donno what will happen when they rematch again. As a friend of Bedu, i hope he got a chance to rematch Irshaad again.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ali BoxxWarrior vs Azizi PDRM

This event held in 3/8/2008 in Bukit Jalil. I was not there since my schedule not allowed me to. Ali win by KO. Back to the day i train with ALI and no doubt he is one of the best fighter in Malaysia. I donno why the doctor almost stop the fight. Watch and enjoy the video!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Antoine Pinto vs Saksit Chopaksit

This fight was held in Bukit Jalil at 2/3August 2008. I was there and i will keep up guys updated with photoes as soon as possible. It is sad that Abbas lose his WMC belt on tittle defend. But don worry, i am sure he will get in back, its just the matter of time.