Sunday, June 15, 2008

Muay Thai Events!

Battle Of The Champions
Date : 27 & 28 June 2008
Vanue : CRC HALL, Kulim
Ticket Price: RM3 to RM15 (cheapest fight ticket in world?)
Comment : Event organize by Boxxevent, This event will feathering lots of champions from Thailand, Europe, Russia and Malaysia. Main event will be tittle fight Abbas VS Oleg. Rice rise petrol rise everything rise but only boxxevent ticket never rise!

International Muay Thai Super Fights
Date : 5 July 2008
Vanue : Stadium Malawati , Shah Alam
Ticket Price: RM30-RM250 (Pain Garantee)
Comment : Probably the biggest Muay Thai event in Malaysia history, lots of promotion that u can see it or hear it in media. This event will feathering female fighters fight! For those who like to watch chicks or cats fight this ticket price will worth it! Also, Abbas will fight with Zedof in this event!
P/S: Its was a great honor that the organizer gave me 1 VVIP ticket.My seat will be at north ring side! haha, its nice for me to shout for my 2 pal who will fight that night!


Punareay Chann said...
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richard raymond said...

great site and great kick boxing video.