Monday, June 23, 2008

Fight Of The Month(May)

Sorry for stop blogging for 1 weeks, i was a bit busy.
This fight video took place at Kulim 10 May(if i not wrong)
Khoo Meng Yang(red dragon) vs Abbas Ahmedi

After watch this fight u got to pay much respect for Khoo, he is a really tough dude. Although the time Abbas fight him Abbas is not in good condition, but Abbas failed to finish the fight. Khoo survife 5 round of onslaugh. Lots of leg kicks, and punches to the face!but still......he stand!

Little Biodata of Khoo: he is35now but his heart is full with passion. He just won Malaysia Freestyle Kickboxing Champion Belt at 14/6/08. He will fight in Muay Thai Superfight this comming July 5th. He is no doubt one of the strongest guy in Malaysia.

p/s: The time i spar Abbas i hurt my ribs and it took me 1 month to recover(Knee strike).

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