Monday, June 30, 2008

Interview With Chaowalit

Yik=Blogger, Chao=Chaowalit, Adam=Adam
In the car...
Yik : How old r u?
Chao : 25 this year.
Adam : U married?
Chao : Yes, i have a 1year old baby and i miss my baby much.
Yik : I see, so r u going to let ur kid involve in this sport too?
Chao : She is a girl.
Yik : Many boxers talk about MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) with me, do u know what is MMA?
Chao : Of course, its the combat sports that can attack ur opponent on ground and choke
Opponent out. I like to learn and study MMA.
Yik : Hmm, so r u going to fight in MMA fight in future?
Chao : No way, i am tall but i am thin, people will choke me out like this(showing how he get
choke out)
Yik : Haha, u r a funny guy. So wat's ur plan for future?
Chao : Well, i plan to fight for a few more years, then after i retire i will enjoy my life with my
Yik : That cool, see when i go Bangkok again i will drop by ur gym.
(Its more like chat than an interview, and we do having probleums to communicate with each other but i still can barely understand what he is saying)

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BoxxTomoi said...

nice piece Yeoh. baru permulaan. next time we go for the scoop and exclusive!!