Monday, January 5, 2009

Mike Hutchison

Mike Huntchison is one of the top grapler in south east asia region. Competing under modified grappling rules, the event allowed several advanced submissions including heel hooks, spine locks, and neck cranks. Hutch won gold in the under 88 Kilo division defeating Synergy Jiu Jitsu instructor, and 3x tournament winner Max Metino in the finals with an impressive knee bar submission. Stepping into the open weight division Hutch, competing as a BJJ white belt took home a bronze medal, eventually losing to BJJ Purple belt Fransino Tirta in the Semi Finals by guillotine choke.

One of our gym fighter fought him in final no gi submission grapling before last year(2008) which the round end out with Mike submited our gym fighter via rare naked choke. but it was a nice match though. I am sure we will see more of his action in 2009!

This match took place in Indonesia.


dann tomoi said... dann from jb..i like samwong from siam...i lean tomoi from him...

Yik said...

nice to meet you dann tomoi. Feel free to contact me we can have a cup and tea.