Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jens Pulver in S-CUP

Jens Pulver (USA)
Dai Chang Liang (CHINA)

S-Cup 2004
Shootboxing rules

S-Cup is the premier tournament for the Shootboxing organisation. Shootboxing rules is pretty much the same as Muay Thai with the addition of throws and standing submissions. A throw must be at least waist height to be scored and when it is scored the referee will shout "shoot". A shoot is equivalent to a knockdown in shootboxing scoring. A successful standing submission is equivalent to a KO/ TKO. Only top level professional shootboxing rules allow elbows. Usually against western foreigners elbows are not allowed. Elbows are not allowed in the S-Cup tournament IIRC. A fighter under the Shootboxing organisation usually wear the shootboxing pants, which are long tight pants with thin shin pads.

Jens Pulver is a former UFC lightweight champion who has also competed briefly but successfully as a professional boxer. He's known for his boxing skills mixed with wrestling.

Dai Chang Liang (Dai Jyouan in Japanese) was reported to be a 2004 Sanda champion. I have not heard of him before until this match. He seems to be the typical Sanda fighter, good kicks (esp. side kicks), bad punching and non-existant knees.

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