Saturday, December 27, 2008

Muay Boran Demo(Penang)

Muay Boran demonstration, conducted by 2 of BoxxWarriors (Kulim) gym instructors, i was there too!; Bedu and Eakkasit Sitkriankrai (blue trunk). This is their 3rd public performance. Catch them live in action at Menara TM KL (date and time will be announce soon).


BoxxTomoi said...

Thank you cikgu for the promo.

Nice to see you again in Penang with your 2 warriors. You teach them well.
I know it a learning experience for all of you, but overall it was a good outing for your team.
Tahniah !!

If you decide to come down to KL, superfight (3 belt ) I can arrange, your accomodation at UM ..but let me know soon.

Yik said...

Thanks for your offer.I really want to go but so far i need to see my schadule since early of every year i am quite busy. u know la, school also hari sukan and kutip yuran.UM its good for me to stay since i was there doing project before.