Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year

Finally, 2008 end soon. Lets take a look at what our gym had participant/done for this year.

1)International Danga Bay Sports(amatuer boxing & Judo--2 bronze medals)
2)LORD OF THE PAIN BJJ & no gi grapling (gold in BJJ open weight & silver in no gi)
3)Indonesia Submission championship
4)Johor amatuer kickboxing open(2 gold 1silver 1 bronze)
5)Penang Muay Thai Tournament
6)S-1 Muay Thai championship
7)and we Invited PROs and organized some Muay Thai/No gi grapling seminars/workshop too!

-I might be missing some, so anyone who join our activities if you recall something please let me know.
-I lost almost all of the photoes due to my hardisk, so any of you can help me up with our photoes please inform me too!
-Special thanks for those who helped us with coaching,seminars,giving oppotunity,sponser and promotion.And thanks for your support too!

p/s: To a friend in Austrialia, please give me your new e-mail so i can share something with you.

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