Tuesday, August 12, 2008


No need me to say again, Khoo The Red Dragon is famous in malaysia fight arena with his never give up spirit,KO power in right hand and toughness.This time he take on the challenge with a Thai fighter who currently live in Malaysia. Che Pol(Thai guy)defeated Abbas in one of the Muay Thai event organized by BOXXEVENT December2007 by points.

Watch this video u will see this fight is a good fight(not a boring one).Both of them trade thier fist,kicks,knee and elbow intensively. Khoo tried to throw some elbows(up to down)but it seem like Che Pol neutralized them all with good cliches. At round 3 it almost turn into a MMA fight(clinch and takedowns). Khoo have great improovement in Muay Thai fight(at least he not making lots of JUDO throw again while clinching).At 3.30in the video u can see how Che Pol make good clinch and takedown.At round 5 Che Pol starting to taunt at Khoo when he realise that he is going to win the game.

Look foward to see Khoo fight again in 29/8/08 in Alor Setar(hope i will be able to be there).

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Mehul said...

hey... could u login warcraft? our clan JB is in danger of expiring due to inactivity by the clan leader.