Thursday, August 7, 2008

IRSHAAD SAYED (South Africa) VS BEDU (Thailand/ Boxxwarrior)

Bedu, one of the Thai boxer who currently train and live in Boxxwarrior Gym, get knock out in this fight. Bedu seem can't hold up Irshaad onslaugh heavy speed punches. It seem that Bedu always having probleums versus boxer with good punchers. He lose the fight to Daniel(South Africa) once(Daniel is a good puncher too), but regain his honor by knocking out first round via clinch+knee to Daniel's head at 29/6/2008 in KULIM, MALAYSIA.
By the way,Bedu din stick to his game plan and strategy in this fight.He is fighting in IRSHAAD way. He lose while trading punchers with Irshaad.Donno what will happen when they rematch again. As a friend of Bedu, i hope he got a chance to rematch Irshaad again.

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