Sunday, August 23, 2009

Out Of The Gym---Steamboat!

Its was a cold day recently in JB due to rainy days. And not much people attended the Sunday training session(5-7.30pm) so after training we decided to go for steamboat since Mr. Kimi from Anggola haven try any steamboat in Malaysia before. You can take whatever you want and as many as you can but you must make sure you finish all the food if not you will get penalty(RM5 for 100 gram!) so here is how the story go:

It started with Mr Kimi: Uhhhh~~~Steamboat! Yummy! (and we took a lots of food , especially prawns, we took around 60 prawns!!)

After 3 hours......we have to force our self eat all the food we had taken since we don want to get penalty. Mr Kimi: Steamboat! No.........!

Just look at how many we had ate. Only 4 of us went for the steamboat but we ate 6 people meal! It was a fun and unforgettable day for all of us.

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