Sunday, March 29, 2009

Heat On

I am back!Unfortunately i can't follow the last day event of Kelantan International Muay Thai Challenge because i have to come back for work tomorrow. But i do have a great time in Kota Bahru. I am glad that i was offered to become one of the reporter crew of BOXXTOMOI .
-The view from Mr.Boxxtomoi temporary office(12 floor apartment),i can say they really have a cool place to stay!
-Ring preparation before event started. The opening ceremony is really amazing!i dare to say that none of the Muay Thai event in Malaysia had done this. Fireworks, sport lights and mini rockets!!! i heard that the mini rocket cost RM1500 each!'-Official weight in, from their 6-8 pads u can know they are well prepare.

-Fidaus Janai of Boxxwarrior Kulim preparing for his fight. He was in the first fight card of this event. You can see how focus he was from his eyes .
------------------------------------Meanwhile his opponent---------------------------------------
-FADHIL SAYUTI from Kelantan looks very relax and calm. But he never expected that he will be knock out early in the 1st round. I can say that was properly the fastest KO in 2009 Muay Thai fight in Malaysia! Firdaus Janai just throw in 2 punchers, 1 kick and 1 knee and then Fadhil Sayuti was down on the canvas. The crowd unhappy with the results because their home boy lose too early in the fight. The fans here are really fanatic.
-Mr.Zahari(CEO of Boxxevent)looking at his watch while he came in the locker room to ask fighters be prepare.

-Daniel preparing in the locker room.

-Daniel and Edi Selendang Kuning face off!Both of them comparing each other Abs before i take this photo. It was kind of funny scenes. (Daniel won By points)

-Abbas helping his trainer Q(a funny guy)before fight. His opponent Peyman"The War hammer" from Sweden who is also a MMA fighter that will compete in ART OF WAR this coming May.


Opening ceremony of the event

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